Various countries are working to continuously track their overall national public energy research and development demonstration (RD&D) activities, sharing the data they collect with the IEA through standardized templates. However, the approaches adopted to collect data vary widely from country to country.

This roadmap describes various country-specific approaches and also identifies the most important common components. Methods for collecting, classifying, and validating data. Data management and technical processes. And finally, popularization. It is intended as a guide not only for countries nearing the beginning of their journey towards collecting energy RD&D, but also for countries with more advanced systems looking to strengthen specific areas. .

This roadmap is the result of interviews conducted between November 2021 and March 2022 with 20 government representatives who shared their experiences in tracking national energy RD&D spending. I appreciate their generosity. A full national system description is included in the appendix, while interview-based case studies are used to highlight notable methods. It is hoped that this publication will serve as a reference and inspiration for professionals in this important field tracking the transition to clean energy, and that new experiences will be added in the future.

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