Inflation was 1.4% when President Biden took office. The United States was energy agnostic and was the world’s largest energy producer. Gasoline was $2.39 a gallon, and the family could afford to put food on the table.

But in just two years everything changed. Inflation he soared to 8.2%. Gasoline prices have more than doubled thanks to President Biden’s unprecedented war on America’s energy. American families struggle just to make a living.

Washington DC’s one-party dictatorship is not working. Democrats don’t have a plan to solve the problems you and your loved ones are talking about around the kitchen table.

fighting inflation and lower cost of living

We all knew that wasteful Washington spending fueled inflation. Millions of hardworking taxpayer dollars have gone to luxury resorts and ski resorts, and even stimulus checks to prisoners like his Boston Marathon Bomber. But even after keeping inflation under control for over a year, Democrats still have no plans to fix it. Americans can’t afford Democratic policies, but certainly we all pay the price.

  • Total government spending has increased by more than $9 trillion since February 2021
  • Inflation jumped nearly 550% in June under Biden
  • Food prices are up 13.5% year-on-year, the biggest increase ever

It’s time to curb reckless spending, balance budgets, and rebuild a booming economy.

Make America energy independent and lower gas prices

Not so long ago, America was the world’s largest producer of energy, and gas was affordable. Since then, the Biden administration has halted energy projects, halted pipeline construction, and taken every possible measure to discourage the production of America’s energy resources. Americans shouldn’t have to choose between driving to work and putting food on the table.

  • Gas prices soar more than 60% under Biden
  • The Biden administration canceled leases from day one, discouraging oil and gas production, while Presidents Trump and Obama each approved 10x more leases during their respective presidency.
  • Electricity prices have risen 20% since Biden took office

We must restore America’s energy dominance on the world stage and reduce its dangerous dependence on foreign adversaries such as China, Russia and Venezuela. It starts by strengthening our energy grid and lowering prices for you and your family now.

Strengthening supply chains and breaking away from dependence on China

This year’s horrific supply shock for infant formula was just the tip of the iceberg in supply chain disruption, driving up costs and emptying store shelves. Record inflation drives up the price of commodities, while our country remains perilously dependent on foreign countries such as China for critical supplies, medicines and technology.

  • Nearly 80% of SMBs say supply chain issues have persisted or worsened in the past three months
  • Baby formula was out of stock in over 70% of countries in June
  • Fertilizer prices will rise by 30% in 2022 after rising by 80% in 2021.

Republicans are already working hard to fix broken supply chains, driving down prices on basic necessities, and by curbing out-of-control government spending with President Biden and House Democrats, America’s inflation is on the rise. We are ready to quell the crisis. roof. Maximize the production of clean, reliable, American-made energy, ultimately cutting the permitting process time in half and reducing reliance on foreign countries. We will prevent rolling blackouts and work to reduce gas and electricity costs.

Let’s work together to build a strong economy. That is our commitment to America.
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