Online Paid Survey Overview You Must Know To Be Successful

Everything You Need To Know To Earn Cash By Taking Paid Surveys Online 

Surveys for money are the most recent phenomenon sweeping the internet. High paying surveys mean you get paid to take surveys and fill out questionnaires, and it’s no wonder online paid survey has become incredibly popular. Teens and students, stay at home parents, full time workers, and just about everybody else can make a profit when they take surveys for me. Surveys online also offer you the chance to get money for completing surveys, and receive gift cards and other benefits with certain companies. It has to be said that online surveys for money are a great way to make some extra cash on the side.

But, for a lot of people the entire concept of high paying surveys seems far too good to be true. If you’ve never done a paid survey online, it can be quite a daunting prospect. It’s no doubt that you probably have a lot of questions when it comes to the ins and outs of taking surveys for money. Finding the best survey site USA can take a lot of searching, and a lot of hard work to make significant cash. This is why you may also want to know just how much you can earn before you dive into taking paid surveys online. 

Well don’t worry, because you’ve come to the experts on how to get paid to fill out surveys. At Iris Market IQ we have compiled this handy guide to taking online surveys for cash. Here you’ll find just about everything you will ever need to know to start making money from surveys, and to become a pro survey taker. Read on to find out how you can take full advantage of this newest trend… 

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What Are Paid Surveys?

On the surface, it’s very simple to take surveys for money. You answer some questions and provide some information for a company, and then you get paid to fill out surveys in return. When using a legit site to earn money online, compensation can include things like discounts on certain online stores, gift cards and voucher codes for products and experiences, and even cold, hard cash. To make money online paypal fast no surveys is not very likely. But, there’s a few more things you need to know before you can get money for completing surveys. 

In general there are two types of online surveys for money, those that you can take online, or focus groups. Here’s a breakdown so you can see the differences between the two ways you can earn money online survey USA:

Online Surveys – This first type of online surveys to earn money are the most popular, and the most well-known. Usually, all you will need to do to take online surveys is sign up with a survey provider such as Iris Market IQ. Then you will be able to browse the list of high paying surveys they offer, and see which ones suit you. Alternatively, you might receive alerts to your e-mail inbox with links to get paid to fill out surveys. Simply fill out the survey to the best of your ability, and depending on the legitimate online surveys for money you have chosen, you may receive points that you redeem for rewards later, or cash that goes into your online wallet that you withdraw after a certain period of time.  

Focus Groups – Focus group paid surveys are a little more intensive, but pay better than surveys that pay 100 dollars. Due to this however, good sites offering paid focus group opportunities are much harder to find. A focus group is a traditional marketing technique used by many large companies. You’ll usually be provided with a trial run of a service or product, and will be asked to give your thoughts on the good and bad points. These might be done in person, but it’s more likely that a focus group will be conducted remotely, perhaps over a zoom call. It’s possible to make upwards of $200 per focus group, but depending on the provider you’ve signed up with, you’ll likely only be able to participate in a fixed number of focus groups per year. 

Why Do Companies Pay for Surveys? 

Finding out customer opinions has always been a big part of running a business, even before the internet existed. This is why legitimate online surveys for money are an invaluable resource for companies who are figuring out their marketing strategies. By surveying the general public using the best survey site USA, these companies can find out lots of useful information. Specifically, they can gain a great idea of their target market and what to offer them, when people take surveys for money. Free surveys to make money help companies set out a marketing budget, and save money by not advertising to people who are less likely to buy their products. It also offers the company a great opportunity to show their customers hard facts and statistics gained from surveys that pay via paypal, that are more likely to lead to sales. And for you, it means you can get paid to fill out surveys. 

How Do Paid Surveys Online Work?

Every one of the best paid survey sites in the US will have a different system when it comes to signing up, taking surveys, and withdrawing your rewards or cash. However, there are some general trends that you’ll see across a lot of legit site to earn money online that offer paid surveys. 

1. Usually, the first step to earning money from surveys online is to sign up for the site. Websites that actually pay you money will take your general information, such as your name and your e-mail. At this first stage, sites that offer legitimate online surveys for money will also ask you a few questions about yourself. This is so they can offer you the best paying surveys for you, and they can get great information for businesses in the industries that you’re familiar with. These questions will be simple things such as your age, gender, location, relationship status, income, general shopping habits, and how many people are in your family. 

2. Next, you will be able to take surveys for money. Either, you’ll be able to select the paid online survey you want to take, from a list of those that are relevant to you. Or, your chosen survey site will send free surveys to make money directly to you. You will always be able to see the benefits you will receive for taking the survey, before you take it. All you have to do, is click the link, and get paid to fill out surveys. Remember, it’s always best to offer more information in your answers, on surveys that pay via paypal. 

3. Finally, you will receive your rewards after you’ve taken online surveys to earn money. The way this works will depend on the specific survey site you have selected, and whether the survey you chose was a high paying survey. As we mentioned above, some surveys that pay via paypal, will also offer you points. This is a great way to determine what your goals for free surveys to make money are, because you’ll be able to earn enough points for certain rewards. On the other hand, if a survey site is offering cash, this will likely go into your ‘wallet’ when you have completed a survey. Your wallet is another section of the site for surveys that pay via paypal, where you can see how much you’ve earned. You might have to wait a little bit, for example 14 days, before you are able to withdraw this cash from surveys online. 

What are the Benefits of Taking Paid Surveys US?

Websites that actually pay you money will usually offer you something when you take surveys for money. The best surveys sites, are those that have surveys that pay via paypal. However, these sites are quite rare, so make sure to do your research on how to earn money online survey USA beforehand. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from signing up to multiple paid survey sites, so you can get money for completing surveys. But, aside from the amount you can earn, there’s still a lot of benefits to taking paid surveys, including:

  • Paid surveys online are really quick, and usually will not take longer than 60 minutes. This low time investment means you can participate in paid surveys alongside a full time job, or commitment to family. Some sites even offer you the chance to earn $50 per survey. 
  • It couldn’t be easier to start taking surveys for money. There are so many sites out there that offer free surveys to make money. To take high paying surveys all you will need is an internet connection, and a laptop, computer, or even just a phone. Once you’ve found the best online surveys for money, you’re good to go. 
  • Surveys that pay via paypal, also offer the opportunity to work from anywhere with legitimate online surveys for money. If you want to make money from taking surveys at home, you can, or if you want to make money from taking surveys on holiday, you can. There’s no limits to when or where you can earn cash and rewards. 

Who Can Take Paid Surveys?

In theory, just about anyone can participate in online surveys to earn money, and get rewards from it. This is why paid surveys are such a huge draw, for so many different kinds of people. When companies decide to survey the public, they might want to offer free surveys to make money to as many different kinds of people as possible, to get a range of information. This means you don’t need any qualifications, or special certifications to take high paying surveys, because these companies are looking for real people who will offer them genuine answers. The more types of people they can survey, the more types of people companies can market their business toward. 

However, sometimes there will be requirements for taking a specific kind of online survey for money. For example, if a gas and energy company is paying for online paid surveys, you will likely need to be an adult who pays energy bills to take part. Luckily, when you sign up to websites that actually pay you money, they will perform some screening questions to work out the best options for you to earn money online survey USA. This means that you won’t have to sift through countless different paid survey requirements to work out if you can make money filling out surveys. If your chosen survey site that pays you doesn’t recommend the best paid surveys online, always keep an eye on the requirements. 

Do You have to be Over 18 to Earn Cash from Paid Surveys?

A lot of teens and students want to make extra money using survey apps that pay cash. High paying surveys are a great option for this. But, worries about whether you have to be over 18 to use a legit site to earn money online can often put people off. Well, good news, many of the paid survey sites online, do allow anyone over the age of 14 to participate in surveys. After all, companies have a lot of customers they want to find out more about make when you money filling out surveys. Usually some of these customers will be below the age of 18, so it’s important to offer them surveys to make money too. 

However, depending on the type of free surveys to make money you are taking, you may need to fit into certain requirements. For example, if a real estate agency is taking surveys of home-owners in the area, you will need to have bought a house to take that survey. This can make some of the best survey site USA inaccessible to those who are still under the age of 18. Keeping an eye on these requirements will help you choose the best surveys for your age range. 

How do the Best Surveys for Money Work?

When a company decides that they want to offer free surveys to make money, there are a few ways they can go about it. They can draft and send a survey out through their traditional digital marketing means, but they might not get the type, or number of responses they are looking for. This is because, when a company surveys it’s existing customers, or people who have subscribed to their mailing list for example, it’s only going to get responses from people who have purchased their products, and are happy with service they received. This is not so helpful if a company decides it wants to find new customers, or market its products to an unusual customer base. That’s why it’s often cheaper, and more successful to enlist the help of an outside survey service, to find and retrieve more organic information. 

This is where paid survey sites come in. 

Working with surveys that pay via paypal means a company will pay to provide guidelines on the types of things they want to find out. The online paid survey site will write and formulate high paying surveys, as well as send them out to their members. In return, these sites will offer some form of compensation to those who have taken the time to fill out the survey. For example, paid surveys amazon gift cards. For you, this means that a survey site is acting as a go-between with you and whatever company offers the free surveys to make money that you fill in. 

Are Paid Survey Sites a Scam? 

The best survey site USA will act as a middleman between companies who want surveys completed, and customers who get money for completing surveys. The idea that you can do something this easy, with survey apps that pay cash sounds too good to be true. Because of the countless benefits, paid surveys us are more popular than ever, and as time goes on more and more people want to take advantage of surveys that pay via paypal. Especially because it’s not possible to make money online paypal fast no surveys. 

Unfortunately, there are some bad apples who try to scam those who genuinely want to earn money from a legit site to earn money online. So yes, there are some fake paid survey sites that will try to scam you for your information with promises of rewards in return. All scam survey apps that pay cash want to do is gather your sensitive data, and disappear before they have to give you any compensation for your time. 

Thankfully, working out which online surveys to earn money you can trust is a very easy process. Finding the best survey sites online will often come down to reading reviews from other people who have used their service. Only proceed with online surveys for money if you can be sure they are legitimate. The best surveys for money are simple to find with some insider know how. 

How Can You Tell if a Paid Survey Site is Legit?

Since there are quite a few scams out there, knowing whether a site is one of the best survey site USA, is very important to decide whether to take surveys for money. There are countless ways you can learn to tell a legit survey site from a scam however. It’s good practice to know how to stay safe and secure when taking paid surveys online. Here are some tips from Iris Market IQ to help you find the best legitimate paid survey sites:

Search the Net – sometimes, something as simple as a basic google search can help you determine legit survey websites to earn money. Be wary of sites that don’t have a lot of coverage, or claim to offer surveys that pay cash instantly. 

Check Reviews – another of the easiest ways to find the op 10 best paid surveys US is to check the reviews. Sites like trust pilot allow people to review survey sites, and you can guarantee if a site has scammed someone they’ll want to let other people know. 

Take Recommendations – since legit site to earn money online are so popular, there are thousands of articles out there that list the best paying sites. However, use your common sense, and make sure these sites are trustworthy and impartial when it comes to their recommendations. 

Watch out for Red Flags – usually it’s pretty easy to spot a scam survey site, because they’ll give themselves up. Look for the following red flags that will tell you if a site is a scam:

  • Legit survey websites to earn money will never ask for your bank account information during sign up, or claim you cannot continue without handing it over
  • They claim you can make money online paypal fast no surveys. If a survey site is offering you cash for something other answering surveys, don’t trust them
  • They ask for your passport, drivers license, or social security number 
  • They offer a sky-high sign up bonus of $100 or more (legit survey websites to earn money will sometimes provide customers with up to $10 bonus for signing up as an absolute maximum)
  • They promise extremely high paying surveys with products, such as TVs, cars, and holidays, as a reward for taking surveys. For example, surveys that pay 100 dollars are very likely a scam
  • They claim you will be able to quit your job and just take surveys on their free online paying sites. While surveys are a great way to earn money and benefits to supplement a full-time income, it’s very unlikely you’ll be able to make a full wage using a single site

Can You Really Get Paid for Taking Surveys?

Yes, you can definitely take surveys for money! You can even earn $50 per survey. There are countless websites that actually pay you money that offer the genuine and legitimate opportunity to take surveys for gift cards, and cash. As we detailed above, depending on the site you use, you won’t receive cold hard cash. But, you will be able to choose from a range of benefits such as discount codes, and gift-cards. So why do survey sites offer cash in return for taking surveys? 

Companies will offer surveys that pay via paypal as it provides a great incentive to customers. This means they’re more than likely to get a range of responses, if they provide high paying surveys, with monetary compensation for the time it took you to fill out the survey online. 

How Much Can You Earn for Taking Paid Surveys?

The answer to the question ‘how much can you earn from taking paid surveys us?’ varies greatly depending on the legit survey websites to earn money you use. It will usually depend on the time it takes to answer surveys online for money. But don’t forget, the best surveys for money take different amounts of time to complete. To work out how much you’re really earning, you’ll need to divide the amount a survey pays you, by the time it took you to complete. 

As a general rule, the upper limit on what you can make for completing high paying surveys will be $50. But top 10 best paid surveys US will likely be very long and quite labour intensive. While the chance to earn $50 per survey is pretty rare, the best survey site USA will also take far less commitment and time to complete. The most motivated of survey takers will be able to earn around $100 a month as a baseline by filling out surveys. 

But what about when it comes to survey sites that offer you points, instead of cash? Make sure to check the guidelines from your chosen survey site, but usually about 100 points will be equal to around $1. Although surveys that pay via paypal will rarely offer you the opportunity to swap these points for real cash, you can exchange them for rewards. Usually, you’ll be able to earn anywhere from 40-100 points per survey, meaning if you’re really dedicated to taking online paid surveys, you can make around 100,000 points every single month! Then, you can exchange paid surveys amazon gift cards. 

Can You Get Paid in Cash by Survey Sites?  

Yes, you can get paid real cash by survey sites online, simply for answering a few questions. However, a legit site to earn money online that pays you directly in cold hard cash for taking surveys are far rarer. So, you’ll have to do some research in order to find the best legit site to earn money online. Websites that actually pay you money will offer you the payment for completing a paying survey, which you’ll be able to withdraw. Although websites that actually pay you money are rare, that doesn’t mean there aren’t still some great options out there when it comes to cash paying survey sites. 

As we said above, there are some sites that will offer you points at first when you take surveys for money. You can later redeem surveys that pay via paypal if you hit a certain earnings threshold. This is a very popular method for high paying surveys, so they can manage the amounts of cash outs they have from different users. It also benefits you, as it allows you to plan how much you will be earning from super pay survey. But, it may take a little bit of patience to eventually redeem your survey points for cash. Sometimes, this cash must stay within the site, and can only be spent on the best paying survey sites own online gift shop. Here, you can spend the money from a super pay survey in exchange for products and gift cards. Sometimes though, it is possible to find online surveys for money that will pay you in points, which you can exchange for cash and withdraw directly into your bank account. Other than cash you can complete paid surveys amazon gift cards. 

Surveys to win money are also popular. These might enter you into a draw where you can win a larger amount of money, than if you get paid to take surveys. However, these sites also carry the risk to match their reward, as you might not win, even though you took the time to fill out their online paid surveys. To add to this, sometimes a survey site might offer you a reward for the amount of surveys you take, for example, Iris Market IQ offers our top weekly survey taker $50 each and every week. 

Do You Pay Tax on Money Earned from Online Surveys? 

This is a great question, as it’s a common worry among those who want to online surveys for cash. If you’re only using the best survey site USA on the side you probably won’t need to worry too much about paying tax on your earnings. However, if you’re taking it seriously and earning some serious cash, you might want to check in with your countries tax laws for online surveys to earn money. Don’t forget that, even though it’s not real cash, often, the monetary value of gift cards and other rewards from free online paying sites will contribute to your earnings. 

In the US it’s possible to make up to $600 annually from taking paid surveys us online, without having to pay tax. However, the US law also factors gift cards and other rewards into this amount. As long as you stay below this amount, you won’t need to pay any tax on your money earned from high paying surveys. As soon as you go over this amount on legit survey websites to earn money, however, you’ll need to register your income with the IRS. Usually, if you have made over the taxable income with the help of websites that actually pay you money, they’ll send you a W-9 form for you to fill out, which will make the whole process a little easier. 

How Long Do Paid Surveys Take?

When you take surveys for money, the answer to this question really depends on two things. These are, the types of super pay survey you want to complete, and how in depth you want to be with your answers to any questions. Obviously, if you like to provide sites that actually pay you with accurate and thorough answers on their survey, it will probably take you a little longer to complete. In general, online paid surveys can take you anywhere from 10 minutes, to an hour to complete. The longest surveys can let you earn $50 per survey. Longer surveys will always help you earn more cash, but you may be able to complete shorter surveys much quicker. Beware of any sites that actually pay you, that don’t seem to offer the right reward for time. For example, surveys that pay cash instantly should not be offering you $50 to complete, this is probably a scam. 

How Many Paid Surveys Can You Complete?

Theoretically, there is no upper limit on the amount of high paying surveys you can complete. The top 10 best paid surveys US, will usually have a maximum number of online surveys for money that you are eligible to complete each month. However, since there are so many survey sites out there, you can sign up to as many as you like. Then you can complete as many super pay surveys as you like on each of them. You’ll need to manage your time on sites that actually pay you, if you want to do this. But, don’t forget that you’ll need to pay tax on anything you earn over $600, from completing paid online surveys in the US. 

What Are Some Top Tips for Taking Paid Surveys US? 

The world of paid surveys online can sometimes be a complex maze to navigate. There’s so many factors and variables to consider when deciding on websites that actually pay you money. Fortunately, we at Iris Market IQ have been playing this game for a long while, and have spoken to countless people who want to make cash from completing surveys online. That’s why we’ve compiled our favourite handy tips to make taking surveys online for cash easy and enjoyable. These tips will also help you take surveys that pay cash instantly, and earn the maximum amount of money from completing paid surveys online. 

  • Make sure you sign up to the best paid survey site USA – choosing the best paying survey sites is paramount to a good experience. Online sites that pay you will make the process easy and rewarding, and make sure that you make the maximum buck for your bang. 
  • Have a full profile – the more information you provide online paid survey sites with, the better their recommendations when it comes to the best surveys for you. If you can find surveys that not only pay well, but relate to your life and hobbies, you’ll have much more fun completing paid surveys for cash. 
  • Make a plan, and a schedule – if you really want to earn cash for taking surveys online, you’re going to need a plan, and a tight schedule. This will help you work out how much you’ll earn from online surveys for money, and can give you a guide on how many surveys you’ll be able to complete each month depending on how much time you dedicate. 
  • Check your notifications – as taking surveys online for cash is so popular, you can guarantee that there’ll be lots of other people on online paying sites. But companies do have an upper limit on the amount of responses they want, so to make sure you can fill in as many paid surveys online as possible, check your notifications regularly, and fill out new surveys as soon as you get the chance. 

How Does Iris Market IQ Work? 

Functionally, Iris Market IQ works much the same as many other online paying sites, where you can take surveys for money. All you need to do is sign up to our legit site to earn money online, provide us with information about your personal finances and spending habits, fill out focus group paid surveys, and then earn gift cards for surveys. However, on top of your rewards, Iris Market IQ also offers you the rare chance among online paying sites, to take home weekly bonuses for answering surveys online.  

  • When you sign up to online paid surveys, make sure you use an email that you check regularly. This way you can learn about weekly bonuses like our $50 reward for those who complete the most online paid surveys. You won’t miss your gift-card when it lands in your inbox. 
  • After you’ve registered to answer surveys for money, you can begin filling out your personal information. Now you can start taking high paying surveys that are relevant to you. Don’t worry about your financial data, we keep all our responses anonymous, and only use specific responses to map trend data. 
  • Finally, to know if you’re in the running for the Iris Market IQ $50 reward for most weekly surveys taken, you need to check the leaderboard. This can be found on your profile, and measures the points you get with every  super pay survey. As long as you’ve earned the most points this week, the $50 gift card is all yours. 

Who Can Take Iris Market IQ Surveys?

When you answer surveys for money with Iris Market IQ, they’ll focus on the same topics. We want to know about personal finances and spending habits, including savings, crypto investments, cars, vacations and credit cards to name a few. This means that as long as you have experience with your own personal finances, you will be suited to get money for completing surveys with Iris Market IQ. All you need to do to take our online surveys to earn money, is complete our simple sign up, and answer a few questions so we can select the best surveys for you. Unfortunately though, this does mean that the ability to earn gift cards for surveys is geared towards users who are over the age of 18. But, if you have experience with handling your personal finances, you can get paid to take surveys. 

Why is Iris Market IQ the Best Survey Site USA?

When you get money for completing surveys on Iris Market IQ, you’ll be offered some great benefits, that you won’t find on many other paid survey sites online. That’s because we’re among the top 10 best paid surveys US. Here are some of the benefits you’ll receive when you sign up to Iris Market IQ:

Quick and Easy Registration – All you have to do to become an Iris Market IQ user, and make money filling out surveys, is click the registration button. Then, simply input your name, e-mail, and create a password. Like other free online paying sites, we will never ask for any sensitive information from you, and you can opt out of communications whenever you like. 

Personalised Surveys – We make sure you don’t waste your time filling out lengthy questionnaires only to be told that you aren’t eligible for online paid surveys. After you’ve registered we ask you all the questions you’ll ever need to answer, and then you can go ahead and take focus group paid surveys. This is because we optimise the surveys that pay you right from the start. So, every single free survey to earn money you see available to you, is chosen just for you. 

Full Data Privacy and Security – While some online paying sites should not be trusted with the personal information you give out when you answer surveys online, Iris Market IQ never store your data. When you get paid to take surveys we don’t share your answers with anyone you haven’t been informed about. When we give the information we’ve gotten from surveys back to companies, it’s completely anonymous. Your data is only used in trend creation, so we can map general patterns within the focus group that make money filling out surveys. This way you can rest assured that all the information you give to Iris Market IQ is safe, and secure. 

Great Gift Card Rewards – We offer our users some great rewards when you answer surveys for money. You’ll be able to see exactly what you’ll receive in return for filling out a super pay survey, and will receive your gift card reward codes directly to your email. We offer a gift card to suit everybody, so why not register for our online paid surveys and get paid to take surveys?

Fun Weekly Prizes – What sets us apart from other paid online survey sites is that we have a site-wide leaderboard. You’ll be automatically entered into our sweeps when you get money for completing surveys. Our most sought after prize is the $50 gift card voucher we give out weekly, to the user who has completed the most surveys with us that week. 

What Are Some Tips for Taking Paid Surveys on Iris Market IQ? 

Here are some of our favourite tips for the greatest success and payout when using online sites that pay you, such as Iris Market IQ. 

  • Be Patient – you’re not going to find surveys that pay 100 dollars, or earn a huge amount of money on your first day taking surveys. One of the keys to making paid surveys us work for you is to bide your time. If you have one, stick to your schedule when you take surveys for money, and pretty soon you’ll be seeing the rewards flow in. 
  • Be Consistent – the easiest way get paid to take surveys, when you answer surveys for money, is to be consistent in your approach. This will also help you draw up a plan, so you can manage your time appropriately, and know exactly the super pay survey you need to take, to get the rewards you want. 
  • Be Honest – it’s important to be as honest as possible when you get money for completing surveys, so you don’t get caught out later. We want to offer our users and clients the best experience possible. While it’s tempting to lie about your history or personal finances just to be offered the chance to make money filling out surveys, keep in mind that we do record previous answers.  
  • Set up a Dedicated Email – if you’re really going to make a go of taking paid surveys online, your regular email inbox might get filled up with recommendations pretty quickly. It’s much easier to make a dedicated email for online paid surveys so you can get all your mail in one place, and never miss a link to make money filling out surveys. 
  • Spend Your Rewards – don’t hoard your rewards in your inbox, as they may have an expiry date on them. It’s best practice to spend your rewards as soon as you earn gift cards for surveys, and then start working toward earning the next one.
  • Refer Your Friends – a great way to access a super pay survey on Iris Market IQ, is to refer your friends. This can help you work toward your next gift-card, and your friends can get in on the great rewards too! 


We hope that this guide on how to take surveys for money online has been helpful to you. We can’t wait to welcome you to Iris Market IQ, so you can start taking online paid surveys today. If you have any questions that weren’t answered in this guide to paid surveys us, get in touch with us today at One of our friendly team from online sites that pay you will get back to you within 24 hours. You can find out more about Iris Market IQ on our main site, just click here. We can’t to start offering you the best surveys, with the best rewards, and help you earn gift cards for surveys. Good luck, now get out there and get paid to take surveys.