New Credit Card That Works Like OnlyFans, Pays Your Favorite Creators For Exclusive Experiences

There’s a new Mastercard coming that won’t give you rewards for your spend. Instead it’ll reward the creator of your choice. And in exchange you’ll get access to exclusive experiences from that creator. In other words, it’s like OnlyFans but where you charge your credit card everywhere you spend money instead of charging your card to pay your favorite creator.

Here’s how they explain the model in their release raising $5 million for the project.

The concept behind Zurp is to provide consumers with a means to support their favorite creators or causes without changing daily spending habits, and creators with a new way to reward and interact with fans that creates recurring revenue without requiring additional spend from their fans. Overall, Zurp is building a unique and mutually beneficial – both personally and financially – relationship between fans and influencers.

Here’s how it works for creators: let fans watch your life, make money without charging them directly.

Everyone has their favorite creators whose content they love to watch and follow. They want to feel like they’re a part of the creator’s life, which has typically been a one-way street until now, Zurp is giving creators an opportunity to give back to their followers by offering exclusive experiences essentially for free, while still creating a new stream of income.

They have $5 million, a Mastercard deal, and the Zurp Credit Card will be issued by First Pryority Bank of Oklahoma. “Pry,” get it? Actually this isn’t some attempt at a modern take on a bank name, they were founded in Pryor, Oklahoma in 1900.

People with great credit and no revolving balances but who otherwise can’t afford to tip on OnlyFans, and don’t mind being public about it, seems like a really niche play.

(HT: @iflyplaces)