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Environmental justice has become a focus in recent years, especially in the waste and recycling industry. The Biden administration has highlighted it as a major priority. Meanwhile, states have made strides toward passing environmental justice laws and regulations that address the impact of waste management on the environment. Many community advocates have been around for decades and continue to organize about the impact of pollution on their neighborhoods.

Waste and recycling experts are wondering where it fits We discuss solutions and how these complex and systemic problems intersect with facility operations. Waste Dive’s ongoing Q&A series explores who is most affected by environmental injustice, where the industry falls short in tackling these issues, and what positive progress is being made. We are seeking first-hand perspectives from experts on what has been accomplished and where more data and research is needed.

Recent subjects include grassroots organizers, federal officials, lawyers and scientists. Who would you like to hear about this issue? Email your ideas to

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